We Just Did Your Summer Shopping

We Just Did Your Summer Shopping

We Just Did Your Summer Shopping

Don’t get us wrong: Shopping for makeup (and skincare) is fun. Like, really fun. So congrats, we did your summer shopping for you! Admit that it’s hard to stay focused while shopping in-store! You know it is! Unless you’re an absolute pro at narrowing down picks and not getting distracted by all the heavenly products, you’ve likely wasted more time and money seeking seasonally appropriate products than you’d like to admit.  Ahem.

Luckily retailers like Walmart have jumped in to make it easy—a little too easy—for us shoppers to knock out all our beauty shopping in one go. (Sidenote: The retail giant has a shockingly good beauty department stocked with every essential you could possibly need or want.) And now we’re taking it one step further and rounding up all the summer must-haves that actually matter.

Your number 1 worry for summer is the searing rays that the sun beats down on your skin, especially your face!  Who wants brown spots surfacing in your 40’s…I certainly didn’t!  I realize now that I should have been much more careful with my skin and more regiment about caring about protecting it.  You’ll be so glad that you did.  Research summer skincare on the internet to get the ratings on the best sunscreen product.  Checkout Walmart and other big department stores for deals on the best products.  Search around for coupons in your favorite magazines and store flyers.  Don’t be caught out without sunscreen…store them in your car if you are out and about running errands or put some in a small bottle that you can store in your purse.  It’s really nice to have for your little ones when you are out longer than you had anticipated.

Take some advice from an old lady with regrets……buy that sunscreen  and use it!  Enjoy!

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